Tado Control in Homekit via Home Assistant

Hi all,

New user here to home assistant so gradually learning the ropes but I have come across an issue that I cannot seem to find a resolution to.

Currently, I am using Homebridge with the tado plugin to expose this to HomeKit. As standard, Tado/Apple does not support hot water control via HomeKit. I got this working in Homebridge, where the hot water is shown as a switch to either boost or turn off the hot water. This works as I intended.

I have slowly started to adopt home assistant. I have connected my tado to home assistant and all functions work perfectly via the loveui, including boosting the hot water.

However, when I select the HomeKit integration, it imports the Tado into HomeKit. The thermostat shows as a thermostat, so no problems there. However, the hot water also shows as a thermostat and this does not work to boost the hot water on or off.

I would like the hot water boost to show as a simple on/off switch in HomeKit and not as a thermostat. I have identified the entity which controls this as ‘water_heater.hot_water’. I have selected this under the HomeKit integration as ‘Hot Water (water_heater.hot_water)’ but HomeKit keeps showing this as a thermostat.

Any hep would be appreciated to show the hot water as a simple on/off switch in HomeKit rather than a thermostat

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Hi Paul,

did you ever get Hot Water controls to work inside HA? I am about to try and move tado away from the cloud and into HA with HomeKit controller. Would be grateful for any advice you have on your setup and if you got hot water controls working