Tado Different Modes not working

I have successfully integrated Tado with home assistant but I cannot use other modes except cool and heat, For example dry mode, fan only mode do not work inside home assistant but they work just fine inside the Tado app.
I have tried the following with the same result

service: climate.set_hvac_mode
  entity_id: climate.kitchen
  hvac_mode: fan_only

Is this an integration issue or something else?
Copying the attributes supported:
hvac_modes: off, auto, heat, cool, heat_cool, dry, fan_only
min_temp: 10
max_temp: 30
target_temp_step: 1
fan_modes: auto, high, medium, low
preset_modes: away, home
swing_modes: ON, OFF
current_temperature: 27.1
temperature: 27.1
current_humidity: 37
fan_mode: off
hvac_action: off
preset_mode: home
swing_mode: OFF
offset_celsius: 0
offset_fahrenheit: 0
friendly_name: Kitchen
supported_features: 57

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