Tado homekit - nabucasa problem with google home


I have a weird issue with Tado trvs when connected via homekitbridge plugin and exposed to google assistant via the inbuilt integration

It integrates perfectly and works fine in home-assistant, but not when exposed to google assistant.

Google home does see the device and is able to change the temperature using voice commands, only if the tado trv was already on and heating.
It is also not possible to change the temperature via google home app or change its state, the options to do so are unclickable.

It cannot change the tado trv from off to on or on to off, if the trv was off then google says “ok changing room temp…” but in reality the trv still stays off.

Issuing turn on doesnt work either google says “i dont understand”

Any help would be appreciated.

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I know it’s been a long time, but did you find a solution to this please?

No I did not.

What I did was integrate Tado with home assistant for automations, but not expose to google home.
And also integrated Tado directly with google home for voice control.