Tado integration: having difficulty creating a scene to set a room back to 'scheduled' mode after temperature override

I have 11 ‘rooms’ defined in Tado. Each room can either be operating in ‘scheduled’ mode (i.e. according to its schedule) or can be in ‘override’ mode (a manual temperature has been set), in which case it will revert back to scheduled mode at some point (or not) based on the rooms configuration in Tado.

I want to create two scenes for some of the rooms:

Scene1: Set the room to a specific temperature (i.e. override the schedule like one can do I the Tado app).

Scene2: Set the room back to scheduled mode (i.e. ‘resume the schedule’ in Tado app parlance)

It seems easy to create Scene 1; I add the room and then when I clock on it I see the graphical Climate control and I can set it to ;Heat’ mode with the desired temperature. When I activate thsi scene it seems to work as expected.

I tried the same for Scene2; in the graphical Climate control for the scene I set it to ‘auto’ and save. The scene seems to have saved the setting but when I activate the scene it does not cancel the ‘heat to specific temperarture’ set by the other scene.

I guess I am doing something wrong; can anyone offer any pointers on how to control these aspects via scenes or automations? Maybe with some code examples or similar?