Tado Integration


Is there a chance that we can have Tado on its own Integration rather than via Homekit and also include the Hot Water part of this application ?



I believe Homekit allows for local control whereas the Tado integration uses Tado’s cloud servers.


I have used both but was wondering if there was a way to get it on the integrations list like the nest and also include Hot Water support.

It would be nice if they were labelled a bit better to indicate which is the actual entity to turn on and off the actual thermostat and hotwater

Ive used both ways and not sure which is the best as I like the local control so I dont have to rely on Tado as I have remote access to HA but if I use the APP, I cant see if I turned on the water or something through HA.

As I am ob v3+, its a con I have found that I cant use the Home and Away status to turn things on without a subscription. To me, thats what makes it Smart, otherwise its just a dumb thermostat.

Swings and roundabouts I suppose but if anyone has any tricks of the trade with tado, then I would really appreciate it