Tado (may) have changed their api authentication

Hi Folks.
Today I got this message from Tado.

We have noticed a number of outdated requests for home data to the tado° cloud from your account. These requests are unlikely to have been generated by current versions of tado° apps or devices. If you have set up an open source or commercial home automation system not listed on our smart home integration page, or you are still using a very old version of the tado° app, please follow the instructions at the end of the email.    

These particular requests to our tado° servers use an outdated and insecure form of authentication. (In technical terms: these requests append the username and password as query parameters to each request, e.g. https://my.tado.com/api/v2/me?username=myUsername&password=myPassword)

Please note that this outdated form of authentication will soon stop working. We plan on disabling it on February 12th 2024.

Not sure if others noticed to, but I guess if the integration is not updated, it will fail soon no?

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