Tado - Presence Detection


Currently in the process of moving to HomeAssistant after running on Smartthings for the last couple of years. The extra possibilities seem brilliant but I’m having trouble trying to get the Tado presence detection to work.

I’ve installed the normal Tado integration through the GUI and have added the Tado presence detection code to the YAML file but nowhere is the presence sensor showing up.

When i go into the logs i am finding the below error code.
2020-09-30 20:34:04 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.tado.device_tracker] Error 401 on https://my.tado.com/api/v2/me?username={username}&password={password}

Anybody able to assist with what it might be?

You have the home id filled in the device tracker Tado configuration?
The mistake says how to get it

I thought you only had to fill in the home ID if you had multiple homes under your login. As I’ve just got one I want all the presence devices to come across.

I am using Tado for presence detection. I do not have multiple homes under my login. In configuration.yaml I have the following:

  - platform: tado
    username: myusername
    password: mypassword
    home_id: my6digithomeid

Both myself and my wife have the Tado app on our phones and in HomeAssistant I have two device trackers.

So i’ve just gone to find my home ID by going to the website on the Tado integration page and changing the username and password only to get the below message.

{“errors”:[{“code”:“unauthorized”,“title”:“Bad credentials”}]}

Now i know my details are correct as I can use them to log in to tado on the website. Do the username and password need to be in an quotation brackets or something like that at all?

This might explain the 401 error that I’m getting without the home ID

enter and replace your data in to web browser
“homes” your id

yeah I’ve tried that and get the bad credential’s error message above.


Hmmm so have gone and got my home ID and updated the YAML file. Still getting the same error message in the logs.

I would love to go the opposite route and setup an existing device tracker from my router to set tado presence. What is the smartest way to achieve that?

E.g. if no one is logged into our Wifi set tado to away mode.

My fallback plan would be to write an automation sending requests to the tado api based on presence changes.