Tado V3+ - Homekit Controller > Slow / doesn't resolve

Hi! Quite new to all of this, please be kind!

I’m currently using the Tado V3+ (about X6 units to control our house A/Cs)
I’ve blocked the outgoing ports for the Tado devices on my EdgeRouter-4 to stop future incompatibilities etc and for true local control.

I’m using the Home Assistant ‘Home-Kit Controller’ to use the device locally on HA (so, i thought)

When the outgoing WAN ports are blocked, the response time in HA to control the Tado devices is huge, it’s like it can’t resolve itself…It appears it’s using the WAN (when ports aren’t blocked) to resolves itself and the response is pretty instantaneous.

That being said, when the ports are blocked, sometimes it works other-times it takes up to 30+ seconds to respond in HA and sometimes it does not work at all.

Log: File “/usr/local/lib/python3.9/site-packages/aiohomekit/controller/ip/pairing.py”, line 105, in _ensure_connected

raise AccessoryDisconnectedError(

aiohomekit.exceptions.AccessoryDisconnectedError: Timeout while waiting for connection to device

Anybody had this issue, any fix or solution? I’ve also checked the core.config_entries to ensure they’re pointing to the right static ip addresses for the Tado devices.