Tag Reader - using buzzer and LED for notifications?

I’ve put together the Tag Reader as documented at https://github.com/adonno/tagreader. It has a buzzer and LED that I’d like to use in some automations - if it is possible.

I’m planning on using tags to set / unset the house alarm. It would therefore be useful to have a flashing light to indicate the alarm is set, and use buzzer to sound when it is preparing to arm / on entry.

Does anyone know if this is possible?


Anything is possible whether the solution is elegant or stable is a different matter :wink:

Firstly I think this topic should be listed under ESP Home, where I’m sure there are real experts around

In terms of a solution I would probably do something like

  • Create an automation on HA or nodered (choose your poison) to publish an MQTT topic whenever the alarm state changes. Let’s say a topic like ‘alarm/armed’

  • From the ESP Home sample provided I would add an mqtt subscription to this file

As per https://www.esphome.io/components/mqtt.html

     - topic: alarm/armed
         - rtttl.play: "success:d=24,o=5,b=100:c,g,b"

Finally a disclaimer from me. I’ve not used ESPHome but it’s more straight forward than compiling flash like I’m used to but by that very nature I do not know how well ESPHome performs when tasked like this.

Good luck and I hope this helps or gives you an idea to a better solution

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Thought I’d do some reading and I’m impressed

This is a far better solution

I may just set this up myself

I do this already, arm/disarm notifications get a light flash, and I use the light to show the state of a Snoo

Thanks - This works very well
I’ve managed to create some arming / disarming sounds

Having issues with getting the LED to continue to flash but I will work that out in due course!

Great to hear that you found a solution !


Hi @a8ree, @richieframe
Could you please share your code ?

Hi @_dev_null,

The problem I have is that the tag reader does not appear in ESP Home and I don’t have the initial yaml code I could modify.

This is the automation I use whilst the alarm is arming

alias: Alarm - Buzzer arming
description: ''
  - platform: state
    entity_id: alarm_control_panel.home_alarm
    to: arming
condition: []
  - repeat:
        - condition: state
          entity_id: alarm_control_panel.home_alarm
          state: arming
        - service: esphome.hall_frontdoor_nfc_play_rtttl
            song_str: 'success:d=800,o=11,b=7:g,,,g,,,g'
        - delay:
            hours: 0
            minutes: 0
            seconds: 10
            milliseconds: 0
mode: single
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