Taiga Addon for Home Assistant

Hi All!

I’d like to introduce a new addon… the Taiga agile project manager running on home assistant!


I love home assistant and I see at as more than a way to manage my home and energy. I also love Taiga as a way of managing my work, my side projects and my life, so I really wanted to have Taiga running on Home Assistant. There is a lot still todo, particularly integrating Taiga more closely with Home Assistant core (custom cards, sensors etc) but the standalone Taiga application (version 6) is now working.

It’s definitely a beta, and feedback/issues on Github are welcome. Maybe don’t use it as a store for precious information that has no other copies just yet! Full installation instructions are on the github page but it should be straightforward. In summary you need to

  1. Install the repository
  2. Install 2 supporting addons plus Taiga
  3. Configure passwords
  4. Start!

Finally, at the moment only amd64 (Intel & AMD chips) are supported right now. If anyone has a raspberry PI and would like to help generalize, that would be awesome. Otherwise I will generalize it as soon as I can.


Update: The Taiga add-on can now be installed on ARM (aarch64) systems like the Raspberry PI!