Take status of water leak detector

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I have an aqara leak sensor, which when it detects water, issues a notification to the HA. Is there any way to force the leakage sensor (via automation, script) to check for the presence of water (even if there is no water)?
P.S. I noticed that periodically (every 8-14 hours) a status appears indicating the lack of water. Accordingly, I want to force the sensor to check for the presence of water on command.

Why would you need to do that? It will report once it detects water. They also check in a regular intervals. If you want to make sure it is alive you can set up an automation based on last_seen that notifies you if it stops reporting. Here’s my two, latest check in at around 45 minutes ago.

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Just want to know is everything alright.
My sensors was online 15 and 9 hours ago.

The sensors report in when they need to. Follow @fleskefjes suggestion and setup a last_seen automation.