Taking a snapshot does not work for some dimmers

I am stuck with getting a snapshot with scene create up and running for some of my Aeon nano dimmers model ZW111 (z-wave) while it perfectly works for another identical dimmer (i.e. also firmware and configuration settings are identical). The issue is no snapshot is created. Automations to turn all of these dimmers on and off work fine.
I tried to create a snapshot with Developer Tools which works for many devices, but not for the ones with the issue. Does anyone know what goes wrong?

I missed to note that my entity name for some entities was not the same as the device name I gave it. So to turn on the light of device name: dimmer_backyard_wall, I had to select light.dimmer_backyard_wall_4. For some reason HA used a modified device name to create the entity name adding the suffix “_4”. Because the entity I specified in the automation does not exist no snapshot was created.

For most of my automations this is not an issue because from the visual editor the device name is selected from a pull down menu and HA adds the correct entity name. However in the visual editor for a snapshot the entity name has to added manually.

Reason why I missed to notice this before is that I didn’t realize that the logbook (which I checked) and the logs are two different things. Once (for a totally different reason :grinning:) I found the logs file (Configuration > Settings > Logs) it directly told me the issue: Unable to find referenced entities scene.backyard. I think it would make sense to (also) include the logs in the main menu, e.g. as a subtab of the logbook so it is more intuitive to find.