Talk / presentation on Home Assistant

HI community

Looking into preparing a presentation of home automation - and of course Home Assistant. Will show life stuff, but would like some slides to set the scene.

Was hoping to find lots of presentation, that would have a few slides on Home Automation, why the need for a central ‘onPrem’ solution, and something about the HA model.

Only presentation I was able to find is this one
bit old…

There must exist some presentations ? Any has a link ?



Are you asking to plagiarise other peoples work?

? He seems to be looking for some marketing material. Not writing his thesis :rofl:

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Yes - to steal with both hands… :wink:
Just doing a small presentation of home automation/HA - Hoping to get some more followers and users of the HA product…

Hoped that some ones have produced a few slides, like, why not just use Google HOme, og Apple whatever … but shows HA as the orchestration pies in the middle cross all these ‘standard’ platforms…


No ones that has ‘marketings’ material or other powerpoints materiale they can share ?