Talking to Someone Outside (Bi-Directional Audio Feed)?

Does anybody know of someone building a bi-directional audio feed component? Think: Ring Doorbell , if you could talk to the person at the door, and they could talk to you. AFAIK, there’s nothing even resembling a microphone component (most of my searches for this end up w/ voice control & TTS stuff).

Context: I have made a DIY smart doorbell. It has a button which triggers a HA automation that rings the bell inside the house. It has a mjpeg camera feed that HA can already see, so we can see who’s at the door. It has a speaker that pipes audio from a snapcast server feed, so any audio I send (i.e., microphone) will be broadcast to the person outside. Now I need to tie all the audio feed stuff together into a nice UI.


I’m all for this! Maybe it can be added to the DoorBird integration also :grin:

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