Tap_action that pops up a number slider to change a number helper

I have this sensor value in a picture element that shows the current pump speed percentage. I like to be able to change the pump speed by clicking on the sensor value. Ideally a popup should appear showing a number helper with a slider or input field to set the new percentage.

The input number helper is there and attached to an automation to actually change the pump speed (modbus based in this case). Adding the number entity in a entities card and moving the slider works fine and correclty calls the automation to change the pump speed.

The automation looks as follows:

alias: WP Set CV pump speed
description: ""
  - platform: state
      - input_number.wp_cv_pump_speed
  - service: modbus.write_register
      address: 221
      value: "{{ states.input_number.wp_cv_pump_speed.state }}"
      hub: NIBE S1155
      slave: 1
mode: single

But I can’t get the tab_action to show a popop. I tried this in picture elements card:

  - type: state-label
    entity: sensor.heating_pump_speed
      action: call-service
      service: input_number.select_value
        entity_id: input_number.wp_cv_pump_speed
        value: '{{ states.input_number.wp_cv_pump_speed.state }}'

But it just changes the value to what input_number already is…
What can I do get a popup with the input_number helper and be able to change the number there so that the automation starts running?


The simplest way: add your “input_number” on the picture-elements card as an icon and tapping on this element will cause showing the needed more-info popup.
You may place this icon nearby to your sensor’s element; or you may place a transparent image (instead of icon) UNDER that sensor’s element and disable that element’s tap_action.

Thanks for the suggestion. It was more or less the workaround I use, but do not want to clobber the screen …
But the transparant image and disabling the other elements tap_action is a nice suggestion. Thanks!

(still, I can image needing such popus as described in the first post to ‘link’ the elements… so more suggestions are welcome :wink:

browsermod is another way of doing this and it will give you more control of what the popup looks like. essentially you can host any dashboard card as a popup.

a webpage with examples here: