Tapo button without Tapo Hub

I bought a Tapo smart button and noticed it mentioned it needed a ‘tapo hub’ to work. I thought on so fly many hubs I have for other devices would hopefully work, but I was wrong. Does anyone know if there is a way to do it?

I have TTLock, braodlink and Livolo hubs integrated, as well as a skyline dongle.

For TP Link and Tapo devices you can try the following to see if they come up and are able to be used for the ones you have and want to try intergrating without extra hubs:

You need a Hub, which Supports 868Mhz / 922MHz, And as Tapo is known for “protecting” their Brand, it’s more likely that you need a Tapo-Hub.

433-868/922MHz Is Not WIFI, and so such Devices don’t get an IP (From i.e your WIFI Router), they Connect to a “Supported” Hub via it’s MAC-Address/Unique Device_ID

So You can’t “add” them directly to an "ordinary IP-Integration, as Robert suggest

PS: Unfortunately there is “Still” not sufficient support for i.e Tapos Hub “H200” in HA, I’ve tried quite a few integrations.

Hopefully HA-Dev’s soon will look into this “new” Spectra/Frequency( For Homeautomation low-power Devices )( Actually 433 was first in the arena, way before WIFI ) .
I doubt Tapo is the only Company which going towards this SUB-Net, With Way better penetration than i.e Zigbee(and WIFI for that matter) And low power-consumption( Ideal for low-power devices )

Edit: If you manage to add it to your BroadLink Hub, please let me know :slight_smile:

Actually, there is a rtl_433 addon floating around.
rtl_433 is an app using the quite common “RTL SDR” framework, itself using the RTL2832U chip to intercept and decode and radio waves, including 433 and 868 MHz bands.

I’ve integrated a couple of ali 433 remotes and door sensors that way, although it requires a bit of trials and errors. No clue about Tapo, though.
Advantage vs. zigbee and zwave is the longer range…

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From a general look up on the specs page the button in question looks to use the 922 band so something DIY would need to be built to try intercept those if there is nothing out of the box when folks don’t want to use a hub just for a single product range.

Yes, i’ve seen some Topics about it, using i.e MQTT
As im still not “into” MQTT, and actually bought a Tapo-H200 and few device cheap, BECAUSE some Tapo-Integration stated it was Supported, i kind of got frustrated, and search/read for days here.
Eventually i requested Support for H200 ( Other than Cam, in other integration ), but seems like the Author of Tapo-Controller have giving up/dropped it (or don’t find time, spite multiple “Chime ins”), Quite some People have this H200 (Not for Cams) but i.e Temp/Humid/Motions, and now buttons

I found it too cumbersome to start/add MQTT for a handful temp/humid, so now they live their own life.
I Bought an Aqara “Wireless, Usb powered” Wifi/Zigbee Extender/Router, and currently re-evaluate, the battery consumption/responstime … This Device clearly help on the Signal-strengh , but as it’s for 2 Rooms with ~10’C degree and high humid +77-87% , the battery life might still suffer some, on the Aqara T1

PS: None of the “Native” Tapo-Integrations Support H200 … Yet