Tapo H100 integration don't work

Hello, I installed the Tapo Controller Integration since months.
I added a lot of devices, and especially my Tapo Hub Controller H100.
But, from 1 day, he stoped to work, saying “Fail to connect”.

I reset him but didn’t work anymore…
That my way to try :
He shows me the H100 on tapo integration so I click on “configure”.
I put my ids and password on it.
He says he failed to connect. :disappointed:

Sorry, my english is very bad. If someone could help me, it would be very great!!
Have a good day

  • Nathan

Hi just confirming is this the device that needs the hub.
I had the tapo device similar it doesn’t currently connect to ha. However my workaround was to bring it into SmartThings and this mapped it in via the tapo app.
Hope this helps

Hello, I’m trying to connect H100 to Home Assistant and I find out something. If H100 Hub is clean without child devices I can integrate to Home Assistant by IP and sirene works, after I add a contact T110 and reboot Home Assistant the integration stop working. The problem is when add the contact.

Any ideas?


My Tapo integration was working fine until about a month ago. Many login attempts, changing of passwords, no capital letters in passwords later and I gave up and used the Smart Things integration, which works fine.