Tapo L930 Light Strip - Configure Effects

Hi there,
I got myself a Tapo L930 light strip (link below), it’s a HomeKit device so I was able to configure it without problems with Home Assistant, however I only have a light there now, I can turn it on and off, I can change colors, but I couldn’t find a way to use the effects that come with it, it’s an individually addressable LED Strip, so should be plenty to play around with.
Tapo Smart LED Light Strip, 5m, Wi-Fi App Control RGBW Multicolour LED Strip, PU Coating, Works with Alexa & Google Home & Apple HomeKit, Suitable for TV Kitchen DIY Decoration (Tapo L930-5) : Amazon.co.uk: Lighting
Any idea?
Thank you in advance.

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You can just select the default effects in HA

@iRaMiNe when yous said you were able to configure it without problem you mean through the Tapo100 HACS integration?
Is there any other way to control it?


I think he meant that was able to integrate with the HA Homekit integration. The Tapo L930 has this posibility, while the 900 or 920 are not homekit compatible.
I about to order one (930) and will see how it goes.

I’ve seen someone on here that was indeed able to select the default effects. But like @iRaMiNe i don’t even see these. And like OP I also hooked the L930 to Home Assistant through the HomeKit integration.

Maybe it’s:

Connected to HA through HomeKit integration = no effects selectable
Directly to Home Assistant = build in effects selectable

Either way, I’m also looking to enable the effects in HA for the L930.