Tapo P100 integration

Hi - I’m new to Home Assistant, so apologies in advance for asking obvious questions!

I’ve set up HA in a virtual box on Linux, and able to access from a browser. Installed the File Editor Add-On.

I want to integrate the Tapo P100 switch and I followed fishbigger’s instructions at [Custom Component] Tapo P100 Plug Control and https://github.com/fishbigger/HomeAssistant-Tapo-P100-Control , using the File Editor Add-On, and restarted HA.

No error messages are observed, but the Tapo P100 does not turn up in the list of new integrations.

Any advice on what to try?

Thank you, best regards, Rene

Some more specific info/questions: in the configuration.yaml file I have inserted as instructed

    platform: tapo_p100_control
    ip_address: 192.x.x
    email: [email protected]
    password: Password123

What do I need to fill in for ‘x.x’ in ‘192.168.x.x’, and email: and Password123? Or should I just keep it like this?

In the picture you can see the location of the folder custom_components/tapo_p100_control and the files.

Any help appreciated!