Tapo P110 Energy Monitor not working


I am using a Tapo P110 switch because I wanted to use the energy monitor.
It is working great (on/off) but there are no energy monitoring!

I am using the following custom component

What I am doing wrong ?

TAPO Conroller v1.2.1
HA 2021.12.3

any help will be much appreciated!

I can’t believe that no one is using Tapo P110…
anyone please?

I have seen other post about it , just search for Tapo P110 in the forum

Still new to Home Assistant but I’m surprised that Tapo products don’t have an official integration. The P100 and P110 plugs at the moment are the most affordable and most accessible smart plugs in Europe. Since my older HS110 worked great, I had no doubt it will be the same with these and now I’m kind of shocked…

I’m looking for a similar product and have had home assistant for a while now, I’ve definitely seen lots of users prefer local only devices for privacy etc, so there’s a bit of a move away from TP-Link stuff because of this Alerts – Home Assistant.

There seems to be a preference among the community for almost generic switches that they’re flashing with new firmware which makes them local only like what you see in this Which smart outlet (plug) do you use for power monitoring? - #9 by CaptTom and other posts about the place.

I know it’s not a specifically useful response but might help shed some light on why there isn’t an integration for it.

I have no knowledge of Tapo products; in the thread linked above we were talking about TP-Link branded devices. Apparently Tapo is a newer line from the same manufacturer.

I can only theorize, but TP-Link upset the whole HA community when they blocked local control of some devices, so they wouldn’t work with systems like HA. There’s a lot written about that in this forum. Most of us (myself included) vowed never to buy another TP-Link device. Presumably there wasn’t a lot of interest in developing new integrations for their new devices, either.

I don’t recall anyone saying the TP-Link devices could be flashed with an open-source firmware. For the record, my old HS-110s (no longer made) still work. I’ve blocked them from receiving updates. Any new smart plugs I buy are now Zigbee instead of WiFi, which I’ve found much more reliable and less effort to set up.

After doing some research on my own I definitely came to the same conclusion as what you guys shared here. For anyone looking to add smart plugs I would strongly encourage to steer away from Tapo / TP-Link for the reasons mentioned above:

  • TP-Link dropped local API support for HS series devices a while back (for some time they offered a “beta” firmware that re-enabled it but then stopped doing that)
  • For Tapo devices such local API support seems to have never made it in FW at all and likely never will
  • Even when using with Alexa (and with Unifi AP’s) the new P100 is having some connectivity issues after just a few days of usage

The price is competitive and they look great design wise but I would strongly advise to steer clear of them - definitely not gonna buy any more of them (my older HS110 works great though and has never had any issue).

I was looking to buy some Tapo P110 too. But because of this thread I don’t think I will.
What are good alternatives you would recommend ? I have enOcean and ZWave dongles.

lol just came home with a tapo plug, couldn’t get HA to find it, ended up here…
lesson learnt…

I bought a Tapo 110 today and have it set up in HA and announcing that the “Clothes dryer has finished” based on the power consumption data.

Using HACS, search for the “Tapo Controller” integration. It is the integration mentioned previously in this thread: https://github.com/petretiandrea/home-assistant-tapo-p100

Then add Integration, and Tapo_p100 should show up (yes it is called p100 but it supports the p110). This should then allow you to configure a device (you’ll need the IP address and your TP-Link account details).

Here’s a screenshot of the associated entities created:

And here’s a snippet from my automations.yaml to announce on my google speakers once the dryer has finished. It works but I’m still trying to tidy it up.
Adjust the times and the power above/below values accordingly. My dryer was running about 1600W.
NB: this is a minimal example and I am very new to HASS so take it as it is :slight_smile:

- alias: Notify Dryer Finished
  description: ""
  mode: single
    - platform: numeric_state
      entity_id: sensor.smart_plug_current_energy
      for: "00:00:10"
      above: "1000"
    - service: tts.google_say
        entity_id: media_player.all
        message: Ding Dong
    - wait_for_trigger:
      - platform: numeric_state
        entity_id: sensor.smart_plug_current_energy
        below: "150"
        for: "00:00:05"
    - service: tts.google_say
        entity_id: media_player.all
        message: Clothes dryer has finished

Great work to support the P110 natively. Thanks guys!
I bought one a couple of months ago and could not get it going.
Today integrating it was totallly seamless with the Tapo integration!
Cheap and with power monitoring.

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Use KP115 instead. It can be used the same way as HS110. Avoid P110 like the plague.

can you please explain why to avoid P110? Just received one.

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But, that’s via their cloud, right? Not local polling?

Bought the P110 today and… I got this working with Home Assitant and blocked it from internet access (at the router).

Setup, updated firmware and named via Tapo app, assign an IP, install Tapo integration via HACS, enter IP and TP-Link login details into integration when promted, block device MAC/IP at router.

I have the P110 version with energy monitoring, all works great. Instant switching, energy monitoring updates about every 20 seconds in HA.

Only been a day, will update if things change. Honeslty was so easy to get setup.


Has the current energy entity stopped working for u guys also?

For the power monitoring, the update has created a new entity and is using that.

Note the name of your current entity, delete it and use the old name for the new entity.
This way you shouldn’t have to change any automations or cards.

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Yes. It seems to have changed to “current_power” rather than “current_energy”

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Thanks for sharing this process. I’ve managed to get as far as creating the switch to turn my P110 on and off.

Could you provide some guidance on how to progress to creating associated sensor entities?

I realise I was configuring it as switch: in configuration.yaml. I have changed it to sensor: and I have the required sensors now.