Target WAN IP with Google Actions

Hi All,

I’m trying to negate the need for DuckDNS by targeting my WAN IP directly.

Google actions will only allow for https and I do have ssl sertificates for https generated by the DuckDNS addon in the /ssl folder.

When I enter https://[WAN IP]/api/google_assistant Google actions accepts the change but when I try and add the action via the Google Home app all I get is “Something went wrong. Try again”.

I have a feeling that this isn’t working because of an ssl certificate problem? Do I need to generate different ssl certificates for my WAN IP rather than my DuckDNS URL? If so, what folder would I need to put them in or do I need to do that at the router level?

Answers to some questions you may have:

  • I’ve already port forwarded HS to ports 443 and 80.
  • My DuckDNS URL works perfectly and If I enter this URL into the Google action it also works perfectly.
  • When I try and reach https://[WAN IP]/api/google_assistant via my browser I get a 405 error which is expected I think.
  • My Configuration.yaml file looks like this atm:

Home Assistant



ssl_certificate: /ssl/fullchain.pem
ssl_key: /ssl/privkey.pem