Tascam BD-MP4K Blu-ray player official integration

Hey there. I’d really like if there was an official (not hacs) Tascam BD-MP4K Blu-ray player integration. To play my collection of off-the-grid 4K blu-rays :slight_smile:

If I could, I wanted to do it myself but I can’t code, so I used chat GPT to try coding it myself. But offcourse it seems like a big fail, I need many more books and practice (having the time is a problem). Anyone that needs it too and want to finish my code? GitHub - HuisAutomatisering/Tascam-Blu-ray-player

The control protocol is pretty well spelled out by Tascam: https://www.tascam.eu/en/docs/BD-MP4K_RS232C_Ethernet_Protocol_v100.pdf