TasmoAdmin can't remove it from the side panel

i can’t remove the TasmotaAdmin from the side panel, or how it be named in englisch.

e.G.: the ESPHOME has the “In der Seitenleiste anzeigen
Add-on zur Seitenleiste hinzufügen”

but TasmoAdmin hasn’t it. i want deinstall it. please could you help? i can deinstall it, but the its always stay there in the side panel.

TasmoAdmin doesn’t automatically put itself in the side panel, that is manually done by you.

Remove this from your configuration.yaml

    title: TasmoAdmin
    icon: mdi:lightbulb-on
    url: http://xxx.xxx.xx.x:9541


really. thats my fault. i searched configuration.yaml for “tasmota” not for “tasmo”