Tasmota binary sensor not working anymore


since last release 2022.6.x
I’ve noticed that my Tasmota garage switch (moded sonoff basic) with binary sensor isn’t working as it used to be before.
I can’t see the sensor value in Home Assistant anymore, got status Unknown.

To create it, I’ve fallowed this guide: Add a door sensor to any door with a Sonoff basic. - YouTube

 - platform: mqtt
   name: "Garage door Status"
   state_topic: "cmnd/GarageDoor/POWER2"
   payload_on: "Open"
   payload_off: "Closed"
   device_class: door

I’ve also checked that the MQTT topic for sensor is there, even when I add magnet to the senros I can see status change in tasmota console:

07:40:11.812 MQT: cmnd/GarageDoor/POWER2 = OFF (Zachované)
07:40:12.764 MQT: cmnd/GarageDoor/POWER2 = ON (Zachované)
07:40:14.884 MQT: cmnd/GarageDoor/POWER2 = OFF (Zachované)
07:40:18.051 MQT: cmnd/GarageDoor/POWER2 = ON (Zachované)

Anyone has the same issue and solved it?


Nothing has changed yet, but it will in September. Read the first breaking change in the release notes for 2022.6