Tasmota blind integration with slider wanted

I have the wonderful irhvac (based on tasmota_ir) software installed on one of my WemosD1 modules. And there are some digital IOs unused, so I thought why not use them, and connected a blind’s remote which has three buttons. One for up, one for down, and one for stop. Those are non latching switches. They trigger the signal, and you need to press stop at the desired position of the blind or it will completely open/close it.

The hardware is quite simple. GND connected to GND, and D[6-8] connected to UP/STOP/DOWN. Then Tasmota has assigned RelayInversed to each of them and PulseTime of 0.2s. Works nice with 3 separate switches.

But I’d like to add a slider to it like of of these for my Shelly Shutter module:


Is there some custom component that does what I want? Measure/input the time it needs for a complete full open/close and then calculate the open/close time to get to the desired percentage?

After typing the long post I guess this is already integrated in Tasmota. Damn, I should google more before I type … We’ll see, maybe I still need your help :wink:

Ok. I think it doesn’t work with my setup. First of all I guess tasmota_ir doesn’t have shutter support included, and I really don’t want to control the motor itself but only it’s remote control. No direct attached motor drivers modules or anything like that. And the logic is different as well. I do enable the motor with a press of a button, but it’s only a pulse, and the motor won’t stop when i release the button. It will need to press a second button.
Any ideas?

@Vaclav_Chaloupka made this script to control his blinds. Here is the code, might be usful for you:

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Thanks @pniewiadowski I’ll have a look :+1: