Tasmota Device Groups simple example

I have been trying to find easy example device groups however there isn’t one.

I am using these that I manually flashed

Want I wanted:
2 lights in the kitchen
2 switch plates in the kitchen - with 2 switches and 2 relays on both.

Plate 1
Switch 1 - Light 1
Switch 2 - Light 2

Relay 1 - Light 1
Relay 2 - Nothing

Plate 2
Switch 1 Light 2
Switch 1 Light 1

Relay 1 - Light 2
Relay 2 - Nothing

What I did:
Both Devices
DevGroupName kitchen
Check: DevGroupName {“DevGroupName1”:“kitchen”,“DevGroupName2”:"",“DevGroupName3”:"",“DevGroupName4”:""}
Turns on groups
SetOption85 1
Check: SetOption85 {“SetOption85”:“ON”}

Separates lights in to “DevGroupTies”
SetOption88 1
Check: SetOption88 {“SetOption88”:“ON”}

Plate 2
Sets switch 1 to “DevGroupTie2” i.e. Light 2
DevGroupTie1 2
Sets switch 2 to “DevGroupTie2” i.e. Light 1
DevGroupTie2 1

Check: DevGroupTie {“DevGroupTie1”:2,“DevGroupTie2”:1,“DevGroupTie3”:3,“DevGroupTie4”:4}

Plate 1
Doesn’t need to have it setting changed.

DevGroupstatus shows other devices it can see on the network. I have a wireless nextwork that multicast must not have been working on. So not devices where there. My results looks like this now:


Thanks your example has help me get to the next level. Smile I did not know about SO88