Tasmota entity naming

Didn’t want to spam petro’s thread (maybe it’s not THAT related?), so…:

I re-added some nous A1 plugs (flashed with Tasmota 10) since I rearranged them in my house.
The Tasmota integration doesn’t find any of them (SetOption19 0 or 1 doesn’t matter) but they are listed within the MQTT integration.
What bothers me are the entity_ids created: sensor.none_pump_energy_apparentpower with the “friendly” name “nousA106 Pump ENERGY”

Even within the UI I cannot change the entity_ids to a proper value.
I may rename the device (to “nousA106” in this case) and opt for renaming the entity_ids too, but the closest I get is entity_id sensor.none_nousa106_energy_apparentpower with friendly_name “Pump Pump ENERGY ApparentPower”.

How do I get rid of the .none_ in front if the ID???

I know I can change that entity_id manually, but if I do, statistics are gone and I have a new issue within the developer tool’s statistics tab.
AND I’d have to manually change 11 entity_ids for each of my 14 plugs. Plus clearing the statistics issues MANUALLY (no “FIX ISSUE” button).

There must be another way…?