Tasmota flashed Smart Plugs Power Cycling on WiFi Reconnect

I have many smart plugs which I have flashed with Tasmota firmware and recently noticed that if the wifi goes off in the house (I unplugged the router whilst decorating) that when the router / wifi is turned back on the smart plugs do a very quick power cycle. This has caused a big problem as my sons PS4 was plugged into one (for energy monitoring only) which he was using at the time and we ended up having to do a full factory reset!!
I looked through lots of settings via TasmoAdmin and tried changing a few but it still happens. Is this something I will have to live with and so will have to remove the plugs from sensitive devices (TV’s, games consoles etc) or can I do something about it

If you flash ESPhome instead you can disable the loss of wifi reboot timeout:

Though even that has issues:

reboot_timeout ( Optional , time): The amount of time to wait before rebooting when no WiFi connection exists. Can be disabled by setting this to 0s , but note that the low level IP stack currently seems to have issues with WiFi where a full reboot is required to get the interface back working. Defaults to 15min .

This means you would have to reboot all your switches manually (after a controlled shut-down of sensitive devices).

Thanks for the suggestion but other than this 1 issue I’m really happy with tasmota