Tasmota going offline at random times

my first device. Was happy to make the lights come on and now using schedex in node-red to make them come on at certain times.

However, they only seem to stay on for 10-15 minutes until some tasmota (it seems) event causes them to turn off
mqtt lens shows the POWER off message

It looks like it goes offline to online

Then a power off message?

anyone have any idea on this?

Looks like I have an MQTT issue with my device reconnecting to MQTT yet WIFI is stable.


It appers my sympton of MQTT disconnects are likely due to wireless. I can ping but for some reason (with RSSI at 36) the Sonoff still disconnects

Try to reflash your sonoffs with an older core.

Binaries (minimal and normal) can be found here

I personally use tasmota 6.4.1 with 2.3.0 core and never had a disconnect since, as per @tom_l’s recommendation.

More reading here