Tasmota in Sonoff RF Bridge (mqtt) vs RPi + RF hardware (rflink)

Hi All,

I’ve just bought a Sonoff RF Bridge, and a USB + cables to flash it with Tasmota. But now it came to my mind that I could just plug a RF 433 transceiver (or 1 receiver + 1 transmitter) in my RPI (didn’t buy it yet) and use rflink instead. In that way I would congestion less the WIFI traffic and I would have one less device to maintain and power. What are your thoughts ?

Option 1:

  • Sonoff RF Bridge
    – Tasmota in Sonoff RF Bridge (mqtt): requires flashing
  • RPI
    – mosquito
    – HASSIO + mqtt

Option 2:

  • RPI
    – some RF 433 inside RPI: requires some cables and some case to keep them tidy.
    – HASSIO + rflink


I am also pondering the same question. My understanding is that the Sonoff bridge is a straightforward out of the box solution, but may work with less 433MHz hardware than the RFLink solution? This may be because it only works with certain protocols that use fixed identifiers?

I am particularly interested in connecting some 433MHz smoke/CO alarms and am trying to find out which ones will connect to the Sonoff bridge before I resort to (potentially expensive) trial and error.

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after some research, it looks like using sonoff RF bridge is a clean way of using RF devices as you don’t need to add extra home made devices (you just need to flash a sonoff). I’d prefer to see a couple of cables coming out of the rPI instead as I don’t want to add extra traffic to the WIFI (so, I’m removing the main in the middle creating extra mqtt). Not sure if I’m not seeing something…

In the meantime I’ve found this little transceiver :https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01CI01F94/ref=ask_ql_qh_dp_hza

just wondering if it could be used instead of the transmitter and receiver options and you see in many tutorials

I think my answer will not help to topic author’s, but may be help to someone. I tested decisions on arduino and raspberry Pi with python. On 1000 commands on arduino was a few (4-6) false commands (swith didn’t responce to command) and with rapberry false command was near 40-60. So I decided to use external transmitter Sonoff RF Bridge with updated firmware.


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