Tasmota Integration send no updates to influxdb


I’m using 2 different ways to get my sensors into HA.

First way with 2 “old” Tasmota devices (8.1.0) connected to HA via MQTT Broker directly. If the sensor (power sockets) is switched of (no energy consumtion will happen) the sensor send data updated every 5 min via MQTT to HA and HA send this information to influxdb. All fine. (See picture 1 with updated entries in influxdb every 5 min.)

The second way is working with 4 newer (12.1.1) Tasmota devices (also power sockets) but connected via the Tasmota Integration in HA. So far so good as long as the devices switched on and send energy consumption. But as soon as I switch it off, the sensor send data every 5 min (I can see it in the console and in my MQTT Explorer). But this data are not sent to influxdb. See picture 2 with no updated entries in influxdb every 5 min.

To add: I do not use any MQTT-User/Password in my MQTT Broker settings.

Any idea why the Tasmota Integration doesn’t send this periodical data to influxdb? The goal is to display the sensor data in Grafana and if a sensor is switched off for a day (e.g.), Grafana is showing “No Data” for this day. I expect a zero line for power like in the 2 old devices in first way.