Tasmota Integration - Unavailable Entities


My Tasmota devices appear as offline after a reboot/restart. The only way I can get them to appear as offline is by sending SetOption19 0 but surely that shouldn’t be the case?

Any ideas if this is normal behaviour or why its happening?

Are you using the Tasmota integration or MQTT autodiscovery?
For the tasmota integration, you have to SetOption19 0, that is correct.

The only way I can get them to appear as offline is by sending SetOptiion19 0

You mean the only way to make them appear as online?

Yes, they are there in the UI but greyed out. After reboot restart sometimes. Only way to get them available us to reboot the tasmota device or send the SetOption19 0 command

I am having this exact issue as a similar topic I posted here. about a week ago. Did you ever get a fix figured out? Whenever my watchtower container updates the home assistant container, I lose all my Tasmota devices until manually reboot them via their UI, or I run the SetOption19 0. Frustrating.

I was using a custom topic prefix that I think may have contributed to the problem. The tasmota website says to leave it as default so I reverted it and things were better
But I still have issues with devices becoming unavailable and socket errors in the mqtt broker. All tasmota devices used to be rock solid with zero drop outs


  • I read somewhere that watchtower interferes with mosquito
    I was having frequent disconnects and since stopping TasmoAdmin this has stopped happening.

There has to be something upstream going on - i.e. bug in either Tasmota or the HA integration. In the meantime, I’ve setup a nodered flow to poll the status for “unavailable” then do a reboot via a HTTP endpoint. I get an alert, as to mentally track & compare where the issue lies. Right now, I’m trying to see if there’s any resemblance to what watchtower container update notifications I get via email and the Tasmota disconnects. When it does break, all the devices go unavailable, so that’s pretty easy to catch :pensive:

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