Tasmota keeps rediscovering old device

Hi all,
Tasmota keeps autodiscovering a device i used to have configured with it, but now is managed by ESPhome. How do i prevent it from popping up ? Or is this normal behaviour.

Screenshot 2022-04-23 at 21.41.58


You probably need to go your broker and clear the retained discovery message for that device.

and off topic…

What kind of fish feeder do you have?

I just made one myself in ESPHome and I’m wondering how you did yours.

Good call.
I have a iLonda one. I think you can find them under different brands as well. Never set it up in tuya as i wanted to avoid firmware update, and put tasmota on it. Didn’t find tasmota very reliable so put it on ESPhome, which has been great so far.

I can share the script if you’re interested. The hardware itself is simple but does what it needs to do.

Here is a short video of the prototype for one I made using a NodeMCU and a stepper motor.

Once I get the dimensions verified I’ll get a permanent one 3d printed so it doesn’t look so “DIY”. :wink:

it’s only designed to be used for vacations so it only holds 11 doses.

and I can put exactly the amount I want in the bin and it will put in that amount.