Tasmota MJ Switch and Wiz Lights

Seems I have backed myself into a corner and do not fully understand how to get ou.

I have a Martin Jerry 3 way switch, flashed with tasmota. Works perfectly.
The wife wanted to add some wifi recessed lights. Bought on a Black Friday sale some WIZ lights.
I have installed them. They all work when the POWER IS TURNED ON.

Now my corner problem is that if I turn the switch off I lose the wifi connection.

I know that Innovelli makes a Red series switch where the relay is turned off but the lights still have power.

Is there a way to set something in tasmota, that will permentally keep the power on to the bulb and still allow the switch to be used.

If not what options do I have,


Not sure how to do this with Tasmota, but I have a similar setup using the wiz lights and ESP Home. You can program the switch to send a light.turn_on command rather than toggle the internal relay and then program the internal relay to default on and add a switch in HA for the relay for good measure.

The one downside to this I haven’t quite solved is if your WiFi or HA go down, (or the light loses WiFi connectivity,) the light switch doesn’t work. I’ve had this happen a couple of times and WAF is low.

I have the same problem trying this. the WAF for me has it’s limits.
Thank you for the input.