Tasmota mqtt discovery fails: unable to parse JSON


I have installed my first tasmota device today (a shelly1), but I am unable to connect it to Home Assistant.

I have the mqtt broker enabled and ´discovery: true, as well asSetOption19 On` in tasmota to enable autodiscovery, but when I restart Home Assistant I only get this error message in the logs:

Unable to parse JSON 227BB2_LI_1: '{"name":""Shelly 1"","cmd_t":"~cmnd/POWER","stat_t":"~tele/STATE","val_tpl":"{{value_json.POWER}}","pl_off":"OFF","pl_on":"ON","avty_t":"~tele/LWT","pl_avail":"Online","pl_not_avail":"Offline","uniq_id":"227BB2_LI_1","device":{"identifiers":["227BB2"],"name":""Shelly 1"","model":"Shelly 1","sw_version":"6.4.1(sonoff)","manufacturer":"Tasmota"}, "~":"shelly_1/"}'

Running hass.io v0.84.3


This isn’t valid json - I expect you have put quotes around a field entry when you should not have done.


Yep! Thanks!

I tried to set the Friendly Name by entering FriendlyName1 "Shelly 1" in the Tasmota console. Should have left out the quotes