Tasmota - MQTT - Hassio : not all nodes included

Not sure if this is a Tasmota or MQTT problem. I think it’s a Hassio setting.

I flashed a sonoff 4CH and a shelly1 with the tasmota firmware. Installed everything and added it to TasmoAdmin which has a connection to Mosquito mqtt.

I add an integration in Home Assistant (Configuration -> Integrations -> MQTT) and the sonoff device is added but not the shelly.
When i test mqtt (Developer Tools -> MQTT), everything works. The Shelly switches.

So everything works except it doesn’t show up in Home Assistant. I don’t think i forget a setting because the sonoff shows up. So my question is: is there another setting to get the Shelly1 (with tasmota firmware) to show up in Home Assistant

Did you execute ‘SetOption19 1’ on the shelly ?

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I did now and it works. I knew it was a small thing. So in Sonoff this option is set by default to 1 but in Shelly not.
Pretty embarrising. I have been looking into this for three days.

I’m going look for more information about this but I assume Option19 is something like “make discoverable” (if that’s a word)