Tasmota MQTT IRHVAC Controller

If the DAIKIN64 protocol was fixed in IRremoteESP8266 in v2.7.7, you have to use at least Tasmota v10.1.0 Noelle, that uses the library version with the protocol DAIKIN64 fixed. :slight_smile:

I’m using latest v13, and it still has that issue unfortunately.

So it seems that the issue lies in the AC protocol itself? If the On/Off functionality is just a switch, that when called just sets the AC’s power mode to the oposite of the current state - we can’t know for shure what state it is currently and this can cause the situation with “out of sync” issue.

It appears that way, is there a way to add rule in tasmota that only send the proper ON or OFF command based on the actual ac state?
Something like retrieving door sensor state thru mqtt that’s placed on the ac flap. If the door sensor is closed, then it’s off so it needs to send on command

Thanks so much for your time building this project and sharing with everyone!
Everything seems to work great except that i use fahrenheit and the codes that are sent have celcius: “On” and this causes my unit to change to celcius on display. If i use my remote to control unit it changes back to F.
I have changed my yamyl to celsius_mode: “Off” and even commented out the celsius_mode: line but the emitter still sends celsius: “On”.
Any Ideas?

- platform: tasmota_irhvac
  name: Confortotal Mini Splits
  unique_id: 088cd2f2-950a-4321-90aa-055088a924f9
  command_topic: "cmnd/tasmota_ir/irhvac"
  state_topic: "tele/tasmota_ir/RESULT"
  temperature_sensor: sensor.accessory_shop_bays_temperature #optional this sensor is used to display current temp on the AC card
  protocol: "MIRAGE"
  min_temp: 60 #optional - default 16 int value
  max_temp: 120 #optional - default 32 int value
  target_temp: 75 #optional - default 26 int value
  initial_operation_mode: "off" # optional - default "off" string value
# away_temp: 24 #optional - default 24 int value
  precision: 1.0 #optional - default 1.0 float value
    - heat
    - cool
    - dry
    - fan_only
    - auto
    - "off" #Turns the AC off - Should be quoted and should be always included here
    - low
    #- max
    - medium
    - high
    #- middle
    #- focus
    #- diffuse
    #- min
    - auto
    - "off"
    - vertical #up to down
    #- horizontal # Left to right - remove if your AC does not support it
    #- both # remove if your AC does not support horizontal
  hvac_model: "1" # string value
  celsius_mode: "Off" #optional - default "On" string value - you can remove it if you use celsius

Hi @gh0s7 . Just wondering if it was possible to add Economy, Turbo, Sleep etc modes to the climate card, and remove Hot mode completely.