Tasmota MQTT IRHVAC Controller

I was able to get the Lovelace card but i think no connection betwee esp as even after on - off button nothing happens on tasmota console

i actually did that last time… this time i discovered a service u can execute which achieves the desired effect…
i dont know your ha experience level so ill shoot low just incase… go to dev tools page, then services
type tasmota, it should come up as tasmota_whateveryounameditinyourconfig.set_light
hit choose entity and select ur device,
select on for the light and tick state mode then select storeonly…
this has had my light stay on for 3 days even persisted through a ha reboot… not perfect… but no big deal either… just added a not in my backups to remind me how i did it

Ran into a big problem for my project. With IRHVAC I need to use one PWM output for a modulating valve but enabling PWM on any pin in Tasmota disables at least IRSend function :frowning: Reading back and forth Tasmota and ESP8266 documentation did not give me any clue how to solve it… All good ideas/solutions are welcome :slight_smile:
Best, JR

Sorry I forgot. Today I have edited my configuaration and it working perfectly. Thank you for sharing a wonderful project :+1: :+1: :+1:

when I restart homeassistant it doesn’t put the target at 26 but where I left it last time

target_temp: 26 #optional - default 26 int value

@ilgio Yes, that is expected behaviour. target_temp in the config is initial value. When there wasn’t any previously saved temperature. Like on your remote - when you turn on your AC with it, it turns it on with the previous mode and temperature used.