Tasmota MQTT Light Scene Transitions - How To?

Tasmota lights seem to be discovered as MQTT Lights in default schema, not in JSON schema or template schema.

MQTT Lights in default schema do not support scene transitions, but I use those a lot and need the Tasmota lights also to react accordingly on transition parameters.

Is it possible to set Tasmota lights up in JSON schema?
WIll for those lights the transition parameters work? Since Tasmota does not know a “transition” parameter, but “fade” and “speed”, scene transitions probably need to be expressed as “fade” and “speed”.

I did not see any transition command or transition payload for MQTT Lights, only transition as a parameter.

Honestly, to me it is utterly unclear, how an Tasmota MQTT Light can be set up, so that it will work automatically with scene transitions.

It would be great if one of the gurus out there could explain this, point to an example config or video they have possible made on this. If nobody has, it would be a great topic to address in a video or post here.

There are so many Wifi lights you can flash to Tasmota that certainly there is a critical mass of users for this topic.
Due to this reason also it would be beneficial to have in this forum category labels available for “Tasmota”, “ESPurna” and other popular alternative ESP firmwares.

You could ask here how to use fade and speed


I did, but as I explained I don’t want to “use” fade and speed. I want to integrate the lamp in a way that HA starts to use fade and speed for scene transitions. That is a different story, I guess.

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