Tasmota not sending all data to HA

I flashed a Sonoff S31 with Tasmota and this is working as expected. With TelePeriod 10 I can increase the rate Tasmota send info to InfluxDB through mqqt, as to be read with Grafana, but I’ve noticed it will only send data if the value changes. For example, if the energy_power value does not change in those 10 seconds, it will not send a new value. This wreaks havoc on my Grafana graphs… Does anyone know how to fix this? Maybe a command through the Tasmota counsel? Thanks!

From what I could find, Tasmota does not have a way to do this. So I ended up flashing ESPHome on the Sonoff 31 instead, and with:

force_update: "true"
update_interval: 4s

in the yaml under the sensor, works like a charm!