Tasmota OTA


I have arround ten sonoffs running 5.12
I‘d like to update my devices, but the things I tried did not work.

I tried

  • Update button within tasmota web interface (it says update complete but still 5.12)

  • I compiled a bin file with my own settings (this failed. No connection, no leds)

  • automatic update with tasmoadmin (stays 5.12)

  • using another OTA Server in Sonoff Interface (lost conn, green led blinking)

Most of my devices are badly rechable, so I want to avoid doing clean (cable) flashes.

I need some advice. How are you updating your devices OTA?

Please have a look at the migration path:

It looks like you have to update to Version 5.14 before going to Version 5.2 and finally updating to 6.x
Backup your config before doing each upgrade…


For the record I had to do the following (was on 5.12):

  1. Download tasmota versions (5.14, 6.1.X)
  2. Use platformio to compile my on bin files (wifi setting) - Compile minimum und full version for each version.
  3. Upload 5.14 minimal
  4. Upload 5.14 (settings lost)
  5. Restore settings with 5.12 config
  6. Upload 6.1.X minimal
  7. Upload 6.1.X

Really a lot of work, especially if you have a lot sonoffs.

All my devices are on 6.1.X now. Before(at 5.12) an OTA update via the http server was not possible (had to reflash).

I read about an automation were you can update your tasmota’s via home assisant (performing an mqtt update command).
Will this work now? I’m afraid of doing the next update like this and failing. Which would mean reflashing them with a serial conn. And this would be a pain in the …

I would be glad to learn which would be the easiest way to update in future. Also I have tasmoadmin running, may this would work now (did not with 5.12 --> reflash).


I’m pretty sure the bin files from the release page would also have worked.

You can issue the MQTT command Upgrade to start the upgrade procedure. Make sure you’ve configured a proper download URL for your image, e.g. http://sonoff.maddox.co.uk/tasmota/sonoff.bin

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