Tasmota Power Saving

I’ve got a Tasmota/ESP8266 light powered by an 18650 battery, it works really well but I need it to be as efficient as possible

What power saving options can I use? Or even sleep options?

This light is a night light so needs to be on/powered all night but during the day it can effectively be completely off

I was going to use Home Assistant to trigger it on/off with sunrise/sunset but could do that directly in Tasmota if it would work better?

So what can I do to save power? Any help on this would be much appreciated as I’ve read a lot about power saving and most of it has gone straight over my head lol

Since you do not really need HA to just turn it on and off at a certain time, then you should go with a custom program for your ESP chip that does not even enable WIFI and just do sleep in the times between triggering on and off.


Rule to set relay ON between sunset and sunrise after power loss on Time#Initialized. · Issue #2669 · arendst/Tasmota · GitHub gives some reasoning behind timers.

How well does an esp8266 keep the time without internet ntp server?

What’s the use case? Why not just plug it in?
I’m not sure how long a night light will stay charged being On all night…

I sleep a device on my roof with an attached solar panel using HA. It sleeps all night. Wakes in the morning for a set of hourly readings, then 10 minute readings in the middle of the day. It doesn’t spend much time awake. It doesn’t run a light all night though.

You might be better offer with a light/motion lux sensor from the hardware store and no internet. Or a mains powered baby night light