Tasmota RFID reader triggers

I have an ESP32 with a Wiegand and with a RDM6300 reader. I am now trying to integrate them into HA. For this I have followed this tutorial:

But it only works partially. The discovery messages are published by the device and the scanned tags appear in the Tags section in the configuration of HA. But they are not added as possible triggers to the device itself. If I click on “MQTT info” in the device information in HA the trigger section is empty. So it seems HA received the scanned tags but is not able to link them to the appropriate device. From my understanding the “connections” parameter in the discovery message should enable this linking. Is the method like it is described in this tutorial with the MAC address perhaps outdated?

Same results and question here… I would really like to know where (device/connection) the tag was scanned so I can automate something in that location (like opening a door)