Tasmota Switch turning on multiple switch entities

I have been trying to solve an issue that I have that has cropped up in the last month I am not sure specifically when, but I have several Switch entities that are based on tasmota latest build. when I turn one of the switches on a number of the entities under the same location turn on as well, including some switches that are not Tasmota based.
I have tried to isolate any automations or Node red flows that use any of these entities, but still when I turn any one of them on all the others turn on, same when I turn it off all the others turn off, its got me beat at the moment. any help would be appreciated

Sounds like you weren’t successful (yet). You can try disable all your automations and turn node red off. At this point no actions like described should happen (if you don’t use device groups directly on the end devices). Next step is to turn your automations back on one by one and make sure your switching still works like expected…

Hi yes I have already disabled all my Node Red flows associated with these devices and also deleted all automations.
All that is left is the entities associated with the switch devices
If I turn one on the device by it self its fine,
If either i create an automation with any of those sensors turning on a switch all the other switches turn on even if they have no automation or node red flow associated.

Strange though i can create a nodered MQTT flow talking directly with the device via a topic call it works fine, so from that i assuming the issue is in home assistant somewhere