Tasmota template for 3A Wifi Smart Fan Light Switch

Got myself a HGZB-FSD / 3A Wi-Fi fan switch because other 3A devices are listed on the Tasmota Device Template Register.

I have successfully flashed this fan/light switch with tasmota, but unfortunately this particular fan / light switch is not listed.

Wondering if anyone has successfully configured this switch to work with tasmota and/or has a working tasmota template.

Alternatively I’d be happy with any suggestions on how to work out the hardware configuration… i.e. which GPIO is connected to witch switch or LED.

Hi Faramir,

Just got one of these. Did you end up getting it going?

Sorry Stuart

I’ve had it sitting on a shelf all this time without a chance to play around with it. So no, unfortunately I haven’t got this going… :confused:

I’ve got this going for the most part, but the speed settings are missing on the HA side. Turning it on and off from HA defaults to the last set speed.

I’m using esphome, but Tasmota will have no issue either. Its a Tuya device, so you may be able to flash with tuyaconvert, but I ended up soldering to the esp module, and the reset pin on the tuya MCU, like https://www.digiblur.com/2020/07/the-tasmota-fan-controller-ive-been.html.

I’ve started looking at esphome recently and quite like it.

I’d love to see your esphome config for these fan controllers if you are be happy to share?