Tautulli sensor in HA Lovelace, did anyone did something cool with this component?

I used to have the old custom Tautulli component which created automatically useful entities.
Now, I decided to try the official Tautulli component which seems to have great potential but wow… it requires so much work to get somewhere… this component is far from being friendly user… (or am I that clueless?)

Did anyone create something nice using picture_elements or something else?

Based on what I could find, this is as far as I could get before getting frustrated…


VERY far from what I was trying to reach lol:

I’m not trying to get it as nice as that but it needs to be dynamic (with all the users, etc…)

I guess panel_iframe would be the easy and lazy way too I guess…

Thanks for the share :wink: Would you mind to share the code ? so everyone can help to make it nicer :smiley:

Can you share how you did this cause its way better than what I have. Thanks