TCL Roku TV Won't Connect

I can’t seem to get my TCL TV to connect to HA… I do run pfsense, mdns reflection is on, upnp is off, HA and the TV live on the same subnet and there are not firewall rules blocking them from talking. I am able to control the TV from the roku app on my phone, and can ping the TV from my macbook… Really not sure why HA is having issues connecting, even when I manually try and add the host.

Anyone have any ideas? I have tried googling a good bit and can’t seem to figure out what could be wrong. I enabled UPnP and that didn’t help anything unfortunately.

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Did you find a solution to this? im running into the same issue

I’ve also been having this problem, though with my TCL TV and another standalone Roku device.

The weird thing is that these devices used to work - were discovered by HA and were configured and working. Then in the last week they stopped responding and can not be re-added via the Roku integration.

There really isn’t much on google that I can find either.

Ok. I have figured out (after completely backing up and re-installing home assistant), that it was an issue related to my home network. I was able to reach the devices over LAN and from certain parts of the house, but not others.

Roku devices and HA all had static IPs on the network and were reachable from other devices (browser, iphone app). They seemed to be the only devices affected and were in very different areas of the house.

I have about 7 nodes on my wifi mesh network, most of which are hardwired. After rebooting my Wifi system and re-configuring channel optimization I was able to get it all working again and has been stable for over a week. Weird.