Tcp/IP client


Im New in Home Assistant. Running on raspberry pi 4 hassio. I love it! Great work!

My question is: how can i integrate tcp/ip connection to connect to tcp server and send commands and recieve responses? Is there aby guide or examples? Just some clues…?
Let’s say I have some device with LAN API and I would like to control it with home assistant.

Thanks in advance.


REST sensor might work here. You haven’t provided a lot of details…

You’ve just described half of the integrations…what you’re asking doesn’t make a lot of sense.

If there is a lan api, take a look at the rest integration.

Let’s say I have video switcher like:

And I would like to integrate it to HA, and I would like to control it over IP.

With this protocol:

That is just example device. I would like to create client-server connection and implement simple communication protocol.

Make sense now?

Thanks a lot.


Try looking through this thread.