TCR5000 watermeter right settings

I have a watermeter (dutch) that has a rotating silver thing, with an esp and a tcr500 is count the rotations, and know how many litres i’m using.
I came from espeasy where my settings were:

pulse counter
GPIO-0 (d3)
debouce time 900mSec
counter Delta

now i’m using:

  - platform: pulse_counter
    pin: D3
    name: "Watermeter"
      rising_edge: increment
      falling_edge: disable

In logs i see: Watermeter’: Retrieved counter: 0.00 pulses/min while my crane is full opened.
what doing i’m wrong?

I don’t know, but you might get some help in the similar thread Using ESPhome to build a water flow rate meter

@Remco_van_Geel, any update on this? :slight_smile: