Techmaster / Wifi A9 / Mini Spy IP Camera


Have been using Synology Diskstation to expose some of my cameras to Home Assistant.
I’m trying to figure out the URL for the “spy camera” I have.

It’s one of those generic cameras that has 20 different brand names but it’s the same device.
The model I’m talking about is this one:


The one I got is called “techmaster” (device name starts with DGK--) but I’ve also seen the name “Mini Spy IP Camera Wifi” or “Wifi A9”.
You can use apps like “HDwificamPro” to control it. However I’m trying to connect it to Synology so that I can use it in Home Assistant. Either through RTSP or image, basically anything.

With port scanning I have found that port 81 is the http port. Telnet is not open.
I’ve tried the following credentials (also with capital), all of them failed:


I’ve also tried changing the password within the app (default password is 6666), but I cannot see the username.

What I’ve also tried is to see if it had the exploit so that I could see the username/password in plain text. I did get a reply, but it wasn’t exposing the credentials:

vs27:~$ echo -e "GET login.cgi\n" | nc 81
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Date: Sat Jul  3 14:40:42 2021
Server: GoAhead-Webs
Last-modified: Thu Jan  1 03:30:00 1970
Content-type: text/html
Content-length: 20
Connection: close

login cgi is error

Also tried just going to the regular stuff like http://:81/livestream.cgi

Has anyone ever figured out the password of the web interface?


(PS: Not sure if I should’ve used the ‘configuration’ section instead of the ‘hardware’ section)

This question has been asked before and it seems this camera is pretty difficult if not impossible to integrate with ha,

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Thank you for the reply! I guess I’ll return this one and search for another small camera I can use and integrate!

Did you found a mini cam which is compatible?